Board of Trustees                                November 11, 2021
West Blount Fire & EMS District
The Board of Trustees for West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District met at Fire Station No. 1 on November 11, 2021, the meeting began at 7:03 PM led by Greg Reid, Chair.  Four trustees were present plus Clay Jones, Asst. Chief, Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, and Diane Cox, Billing Manager.        

The minutes  of the October 14, 2021, meeting were accepted on motion by Marty Stover, seconded by Annette Cox.

Financial report – The operating balance for October was $335,656.08.  Total receipts were $9,971.98, including fire dues of $9,608.92.  Total expenses were $65,839.44, including payroll of $26,400.87, repair and maintenance of $4,853.49 and insurance of $5,130.   

The financial report was accepted on motion by Marty Stover, seconded by Annette Cox.  

Chief’s Report

Total calls for October were 105, including 9 out-of-area (6 – Mt. High / Ricetown; 1 – Bangor;   1 –  Locust Fork / Dallas/Selfville; 1 – Nectar/Cleveland): 69 medical, 4 structure fire, 13 auto accident, 6 fire alarm, 2 vehicle fire, 10 public service, 1 wild fire, 0 fire other, 0 tree down.  Breakdown by station = Sta. 1 Hayden, 52; Sta. 2 Smoke Rise, 46; Sta. 3 Sugar Creek, 3; Sta. 4 Nyota, 4.  

Also reported:  
    The engine purchased from Bangor Fire Department is almost ready for calls, it is currently at Campbell’s being completed.
    We received $50,000 grant money from homeland security for radios.  Special thanks to Clay Jones for his hard work on the grant.  They will be installed in January and operational by April.  
    The two generators we’ve been waiting on will be installed the 2nd week of January
    There will be no FEMA grants for next year.  The grant writers recommended we wait until the following year to make application again.  We have already received over one million dollars in grants from FEMA

The chief’s report was accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Marty Stover.  
Old Business

Billing Update – At the end of October there were three total CLA’s (conditional lien agreements) on file.  The attorneys have a total of 261 accounts, 4 paid in full in October and 49 added.  A check was received for $2,677.01 from MSN (Massey, Stotser, & Nicholas) for October collections, making a total of $26,700.92 for 2021, and total collections of $102,316.49 since the first account was turned over to them.   Three new accounts were added in October.  One new exemption was approved in October, making a total of 119.  Fire dues received in October was $7,041.51 plus $270 assessment fees, $47 refund on purchase, and $20 donation, totaling $9,925.35 [income from October 2020 was $14,821.15].  Total collected for 2021 is $518,548.97.  There are 751 accounts in the system with a balance totaling $281,338.14 at the end of October, which includes all outstanding dues from the beginning. There are 3,753 total
West Blount Fire Board of Trustees – November 11, 2021                    page 2

accounts in the system.  So far this year there has been 80% participation for payment of fire dues.

Notice will be added to the billing statements that will go out in January to reflect that we now accept credit/debit card payments with a 3.5% fee.

Firehouse Sub Grant – We are still waiting to hear.
Christmas Parade – So far there are 35 who have registered to participate. The Pride of Hayden Band has been confirmed.

Christmas Parade Ad – A motion was made by Annette Cox, seconded by Marty Stover, to join with the Town of Hayden and West Blount Chamber of Commerce to take out a full page ad stating that after missing last year due to the pandemic, we are back on our regular night, inviting all to join with us in celebrating the season.  The total cost of the ad will be $1,200 with the Town paying $600, the Chamber $300 and the Fire Department $300.  Motion passed.

End of Year Dinner – The Freight House in Hartselle will be contacted for catering the event.  The number is 256-773-4600.  The amount of up to $3500 was authorized for the meal and facility.

Fire Board Nomination – Greg Reid was unanimously nominated to return to the Board for another term. The Blount County Commission will be notified of this nomination for their appointment at the December Commission meeting.
New Business – None

The next meeting will be Thursday, January 13, 2022, 7:00 PM at Station No. 1.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM on motion by Dolores Fort.

Present                Not Present                    
Annette Cox                Billy Giddy
Dolores Fort                JJ Ivey
Marty Stover                Lisa Morgan
Greg Reid    
Clay Jones                    
Melissa Thomas            
Diane Cox

There were no guests    

                                Dolores Fort