2022-10-13 Minutes

Board of Trustees                                                                                        October 13, 2022

West Blount Fire & EMS District


The Board of Trustees for West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District met at Fire Station No. 1 on October 13, 2022, the meeting began at 6:05 PM led by Greg Reid, Chair.  All trustees were present, plus JJ Ivey, Chief, Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, and Kimberly Williams, Billing Manager.        


The minutes of the September 8, 2022, meeting were accepted on motion by Marty Stover, seconded by Mark Giddy.


Financial report – The operating balance for September 2022 was $334,344.32.  Total income was $7,296.87, with dues of $7,003.19.  Total expenses were $37,295.44 with payroll of $32,345.57, and repair and maintenance of $2,628.74.  The $50,000 grant money has not yet been received, it is supposed to be deposited this Friday, the 14th.  The financial report was accepted on motion by Marty Stover, seconded by Mark Giddy.      


Chief’s Report


Total calls for August were 101, including 2 out-of-area (1 – Locust Fork / Dallas/Selfville; 1 Nectar / Cleveland, which was cancelled enroute): 73 medical, 10 auto accident, 3 fire alarm, 1 vehicle fire, 11 public service, 2 wild fire, 1 fire other.  Breakdown by station = Sta. 1 Hayden, 44; Sta. 2 Smoke Rise, 46; Sta. 3 Sugar Creek, 7; Sta. 4 Nyota, 4.     


Also reported:

  • New engine update – anticipated receipt of materials is November, expected completion sometime next year
  • ISO update – our rating will stay the same for another year, during which time we will be able to work on areas they suggested
  • Blount Springs – Gene Hershall told us that Tullis has hired an engineer to look at the water system, we will work with the engineer to assist any way we can. Greg Reid talked with Brian Love about establishing a fire station in their area, and he will check for possible sites.  This topic is tabled to the November meeting
  • Purchase of the engine from Kenny Booth is not going to happen due to a lot of work that will be needed to get the truck in good service condition
  • Finishing budgeted items – two items concerning Station 2 in Smoke Rise, creating a two-man storm shelter in the bay, will cost approximately $4,000, and closing the first bay to expand the living quarters  
  • Kimberly Williams has submitted her resignation effective October 21, 2022, which will be her last day. Two applications have been received.


The Chief’s report was accepted on motion by Marty Stover, seconded by Mark Giddy.   


Old Business


Billing Update – The attorneys at the end of September have a total of 271 accounts, two were paid in full and four more were sent.  There was a check in the amount of $1,644 received from MSN (Massey, Stotser, & Nicholas) for September collections, with totals of $22,363.79 collected in 2022, and $164,938.18 since first turned over to MSN.   There were three new accounts added in September.  Fire dues received in September was $6,062 in checks, $585


West Blount Fire Board – October 13, 2022                                                                               Page 2


Credit/Debit card and $20.49 fees, plus $315 assessment fees, and other income of $250 for home football game coverage, totaling $7,232.49 [income from September 2021 was $12,282.50].  Total collected for 2022 is $534,912.86.  There are 750 accounts in the system with a balance totaling $306,063.33 at the end of September, which includes all outstanding dues from the beginning.  So far this year, there is 79% participation of dues payment.  As of September 30 there were 2,816 accounts paid in full, 750 with a balance.


Christmas Party – The 8th Annual Christmas Celebration will be Friday, December 2, 2022, starting at 7:00 PM.  Rental, with a donation of $250, of the Hayden United Methodist Church Family Life Center is confirmed.  It will be catered and served by Sandra Sowder, Freight House in Hartselle.  There will be a cost increase over last year’s price of $32 per meal, Ms. Sowder will get back with Dolores Fort with the new cost.  They will provide everything to do with the meal. The menu consists of Hamburger steak or Chicken Poulet de Normandy, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, Rolls, Tea, sweet and unsweet, sheet cakes.  Invitations will go out the beginning of November. 


Christmas Parade – This year sponsors will be requested to provide tower lights to place along the parade route.  It is desired to have twenty lights so the parade is well illuminated from the Primary School to Town Hall.  Currently we have four from the county and eight through Marty Stover.  Off-duty local law enforcement will be asked to help with blocking of roads and crowd control.


New Business


Board Appointment – Dolores Fort was unanimously nominated to serve on the board another five years, appointment to end November 30, 2027.  She agreed to serve.  A letter will be sent to Commissioner Allen Armstrong and Commission Chair Chris Green asking them to make the appointment at their November 16 business meeting.    


A letter was received from Annette Cox resigning her position as a board member effective January 1, 2023.  Her term expires November 30, 2025. 


A letter was also received from Greg Reid resigning as board Chairman and as Trustee effective December 31, 2022.  His term expires November 30, 2026.  In his letter was a request that a copy be forwarded to the Blount County Commission for replacement for this unexpired term.


A motion was made by Dolores Fort, seconded by Marty Stover, to accept both of these resignations with deep regrets.  Motion carried.  These two individuals have been of tremendous influence in the success and continued growth of West Blount Fire & EMS District.  They will definitely be greatly missed.  


After discussion, Dolores Fort nominated, seconded by Greg Reid, Daniel Smith, who was present and accepted the nomination, to fill the unexpired term of Greg Reid.  It was unanimously accepted by the board.  His nomination will be included in the letter to the board concerning the reappointment of Dolores Fort.


A nominee is now needed to fill the unexpired term of Annette Cox, this will be discussed at the November meeting.


West Blount Fire Board – October 13, 2022                                                                               Page 3


Executive Session – The Chair called for an executive session.   All board members agreed. After the executive session had concluded, the board reconvened.  Dolores Fort made a motion to hire Erin Edwards for the position of Billing Manager at Kimberly’s current rate.  Marty Stover seconded the motion.  Motion passed


Announcements – JJ announced that he will not be at the November 10 meeting because the recruit school graduation is on the same date, we have several of our fire fighters involved.


The next Board meeting will be Thursday, November 10, 2022, 6:00 PM at Fire Station No. 1.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 PM on motion by Mark Giddy.



Annette Cox

Dolores Fort                                                 

Mark Giddy

Greg Reid                             

Marty Stover

JJ Ivey                                                           

Melissa Thomas                              

Kimberly Williams   



Phil & Heidi Blankenship

Diane Cox

Daniel M. Smith

Timothy Sosebee


And 4 firefighters


                                                                        Dolores Fort