2019-07-11 Minutes

Board of Trustees                                                                          July 11, 2019

West Blount Fire & EMS District


The Board of Trustees for West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District met at Fire Station No. 1 on July 11, 2019, and was called to order at 7:10 PM by Greg Reid, chair.  Three Trustees were present plus Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, Diane Cox & Lisa Morgan, Billing Managers.   There was an accident on Hwy 160, all firemen were  at the scene, and did not arrive back until after this meeting closed.   


The minutes of the June 13, 2019 meeting were accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Greg Reid. 


Financial report – The operating balance for June was $440,837.68.  Total receipts were $21,463.50, including dues of $18,523.96.  Total expenses were $37,601.47, including payroll of $29,505.91, which included $4,346.66 Worker’s Comp.  There are two large known expenses for insurance, $1,876.25 and $3,047, both due August 6, 2019.   


The Financial Report was accepted on motion by Dolores Fort, seconded by Annette Cox.


Chief’s Report


Total calls for June were 118 (including 7 out-of-area – Mt. High/Ricetown 2, Bangor 4, Locust Fork 1): 60 medical, 17 auto accidents, 0 911, 0 structure fires, 4 vehicle fires, 3 investigative, 21 assist, 0 wild fires, 5 fire alarms, 0 haz-mat, 6 tree down, 0 wire down and 2 public service.


A hose test was run and there were a few sections that failed.  This will be discussed next meeting.


A big thank you was extended to Marty Stover for working hard helping to get the concrete finished in front of the station.


There were issues with Worker’s Comp on Traveler’s end, which have been resolved. 


The Chief’s report was accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Dolores Fort.


Old Business


Billing Update – At the end of June there were 50 total CLA’s (conditional lien agreements) on file, 5 have been paid in full and 1 was added.  The attorneys have a total of 246 accounts, 18 with payment plans, 105 accounts have had liens, and 2 liens have been paid. Received from MSN (Massey, Stotser, & Nicholas) a check for $847.01, making a total collected through them of $29,290.49.   Ten new accounts were added in June, and six accounts have a vacancy. There are 1000 accounts in the system totaling $329,475.58, which includes all outstanding dues from the beginning. There were 85 accounts paid off or were cleared up in June.


Safe Deposit Box – A meeting at Traditions bank for finalizing details will be held in the morning.


Fire District Board of Trustees – July 11, 2019                                          page 2


Ladder Truck – An offer of $3,000 will be made by Midway Fire Department in Florida, but it must go through the City Manager’s office

Station 1 Driveway – The driveway has been completed, it is a definite improvement.  Again, thanks to Marty for all his hard work.  


July 4th Community Event – Thanks to Blue Bell, we supplied 600 ice cream cups for the Community Event.  There were 460 given out.  The event was very successful.


The next meeting will be August 8, 2019, 7:00 PM at Fire Station 1.


The meeting was adjourned on motion by Annette Cox at 7:38 PM.




Present                                                 Not present                                                   

Annette Cox                                          Billy Giddy (Revival)

Dolores Fort                                          Marty Stover (work)

Greg Reid                                             JJ Ivey (work)

Melissa Thomas

Diane Cox

Lisa Morgan





                                                                                Submitted by                                                                                                               Dolores Fort