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2020-02-13 Minutes

                                                                                          February 13, 2020



Board of Trustees                                                                         

West Blount Fire & EMS District


The Board of Trustees for West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District met at Fire Station No. 1 on February 13, 2020, and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Marty Stover filling in for Greg Reid, chair.  Three Trustees were present plus J.J. Ivey, Fire Chief, Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, and Diane Cox, Billing Manager. Dolores Fort was absent due to illness and Greg Reid, Chair was out of town.




Minutes were not available due to Dolores being absent due to illness.  They will be included with the next meeting.


Financial report – The operating balance for January was $243,263.39.  Total receipts were $138,972.06 which included $136,165.14 in fire dues.  Total expenses were $51,760.43, including payroll of $24,353.01, dues & subscriptions of $4,202.24 & Fire & Rescue equipment (skid) of $11,067.07 and $3,000.00 on repairs. The operating balance as of January 31, 2020 was $330,475.02.  


The Financial Report was accepted on motion by Annette Cox and seconded by Billy Giddy.


Chief’s Report


The Chief reported that the yearly money from the county has been received, 2 checks for $2,173.00 and 1 check for $1,500.00.  That money goes to the auxiliary account to repay for the rescue truck which we bought last year.  That account will be in the negative for a couple of years until we repay ourselves about $45,000.00.  The subscription for E.M.S. Reporting, $4,080.00 is already paid.


Total calls for January 113 (including 6 out-of-area- Mr. High/Ricetown 1, Nectar 2, Bangor 2 and Cullman on interstate 1): 63 Medical, 5 Structure Fire, 13 Auto Accidents, 4 Fire Alarms, 15 Public Service,  1 Wild fire and 12 fire other.  Call volume by station was Station 1 Hayden, 51, Station 2, Smoke Rise 47, Station 3, Nectar 6 and Station 4, Nyota 3 and Out of Area 6.


Rescue ladder truck last year cost $52,000.00. Ladder truck had to have new breaks.   Truck 1951 had to have valve spring.  All of the vehicles have been serviced.

Information has been turned in for another grant. If approved, this will be used to replace the oldest tanker in 2021.


  1. J. reported that he had purchased a used Hustler Brand zero turn lawn mower for $2,000.00. Same mower if new would have cost $5,000.00 at Lowes.
  2. J. commented that there was a roll over for $243,263.39 at end of last year.

Budget submitted for year 2020.  Increase in payroll from $299,000.00 to $310,000.00.  This increase will be used in paying the volunteers.  A copy of the budget is attached.


Marty Stover commented that the maintenance expenditures should not be listed in the budget.


Attached is a copy of the 2020 Proposed Budget.  The budget will be held for approval until the February meeting when all Board Members are present.


The Chief’s report was accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Billy Giddy.


Old Business


Billing & Lien Update


At the end of January, there were 29 total CLA’s (conditional lien agreements) on file, 3 have been paid in full and 1 was added.  The attorneys have a total of 258 accounts on file (166 accounts with liens and 13 with payment plans).  Thirteen accounts have been paid in full.  Received check in the amount of $2,240.98 for January, making a total collected through MSN of $47,235.02 for years, 2018, 2019 and January of 2020.                              

The next meeting will be March 12, 2020, 7:00 PM at Fire Station 1.


The meeting was adjourned on motion by Annette Cox at 8:30 PM.




Present                                                Not present                                                  


Marty Stover                                           Dolores Fort (Illness)

Billy Giddy                                               Greg Reid (Out of Town)

Annette Cox                                                       Lisa Morgan (Absent)

JJ Ivey                                                                                         

Melissa Thomas

Diane Cox


                                                                                Submitted by

                                                                                     Annette Cox                                                                                                     





  1. PAYROLL                                                                  310,000
  2. WORKERS COMP.                                                    20,000
  3. INSURANCE                                                                20,000
  4. UTILITIES    23,000
  5. STATION SUPPLIES      4,000
  8. OTHER MAINTENANCE       3,000
  9. EQUIPMENT 23,000
  10. TRAINING 2,500
  11. TESTING 5,500

  HOSE, PUMP, AIRPACKS, COMPRESSOR                                         

  1. MEDICAL 5,000                                                        
  2. UNIFORMS 2,500

  TOTAL                                                                  $467,500 


*Equipment list

  1. Hose 1,500
  2. (2) sets turnouts 4,000
  3. Turnout gear cleaner 4,000
  4. Lawn Mower (St. 2) 4,000
  5. Nozzles 3,000
  6. Rope equipment 4,000


*Building Maintenance

  1. Station 1 upstairs paint and floors 3,000
  2. Station 4 door openers 800
  3. Cameras 1 & 2 500
  4. Station 4 Bathroom & Septic System 10,000
  5. Station 3 Roof, Metal Repair & Door opener 5,000