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2021-10-14 Minutes

                                                                                                                                                                                               Board of Trustees                                October 14, 2021
West Blount Fire & EMS District
The Board of Trustees for West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District met at Fire Station No. 1 on October 14, 2021, the meeting began at 7:10 PM led by Greg Reid, Chair, who opened with prayer.  Four trustees were present plus Fire Chief JJ Ivey, Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, and Diane Cox and Lisa Morgan, Billing Managers.        

The minutes  of the September 9, 2021, meeting were accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Marty Stover.

Financial report – The operating balance for September was $391,523.54.  Total receipts were $12,332.51.  Total expenses were $33,260.20.  Large known expenses for November are two insurance payments of $1,414.25 and $3,715.75.  

The financial report was accepted on motion by Marty Stover, seconded by Annette Cox.  

Chief’s Report

Total calls for September were 138, including 8 out-of-area (3 – Mt. High / Ricetown; 2 –  Locust Fork / Dallas/Selfville; 3 – Nectar/Cleveland): 91 medical, 6 structure fire, 9 auto accident, 7 fire alarm, 0 vehicle fire, 17 public service, 1 wild fire, 4 fire other, 3 tree down.  Breakdown by station = Sta. 1 Hayden, 71; Sta. 2 Smoke Rise, 57; Sta. 3 Sugar Creek, 6; Sta. 4 Nyota, 4.  

Also reported:  
    A second letter was sent to Nectar Fire Department and other interested parties concerning mutual aid coverage provided by West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District with the notice that an amended Mutual-Aid Agreement will be submitted to Nectar Fire Chief John Reed followed by the agreement being sent to Blount County E-911 Director Neal Brooks for final implementation into the Computer Aided Dispatch System.  This decision, which will begin October 29, 2021, to only respond to fires, CPR in progress and motor vehicle accidents with person(s) trapped was reached largely in part due to a substantial increase in calls for basic life support and non-emergency responses, and the need to prioritize West Blount’s resources within West Blount’s jurisdiction.    
    The two generators are still on backorder
    Bangor Fire Department is selling one of their vehicles.  A motion was made by Annette Cox, seconded by Dolores Fort, to purchase this vehicle for $5,000.  Motion passed.
    Bangor has a working chief and several volunteers.  The chief is Braden Foy.

The chief’s report was accepted on motion by Dolores Fort, seconded by Annette Cox.  
Old Business

Billing Update – At the end of September there were three total CLA’s (conditional lien agreements) on file.  The attorneys have a total of 216 accounts, 4 paid in full.  A check was received for $2,218 from MSN (Massey, Stotser, & Nicholas) for September collections, making a total of $24,023.91 for 2021, and total collections of $99,639.48 since first account was turned over to them.   No new accounts were added in September.  One new exemption was approved

West Blount Fire Board of Trustees – October 14, 2021                    page 2

in September, making a total of 118.  Fire dues received in September was $11,362.50 plus $225 assessment fees, $425 insurance reimbursement, and $270 donation, totaling $12,282.50
[income from September 2020 was $15,428.83].  Total collected for 2021 is $508,623.62.  There are 772 accounts in the system with a balance totaling $291,237.15 at the end of September, which includes all outstanding dues from the beginning. There are 3,750 total accounts in the system.  So far this year there has been 79% participation for payment of fire dues.

There are nineteen certified letters unaccounted for that were sent out through the Warrior Post Office; they have not been returned nor have the signed receipts been received.   A billing will be mailed this month to 53 accounts with a balance that has not gone to collection or filed bankruptcy.  Of the 97 certified letters sent in July, 23 have paid.  Greg Reid made a motion, seconded by Annette Cox to send the remaining 74 accounts to MSN for collection.  Motion passed.  Annette Cox made a motion, seconded by Dolores Fort, in the future a 30-day letter be sent to those in danger of having their accounts turned over to MSN, followed by a 10-day letter, if necessary, if no response, then accounts to be turned over to MSN.  Motion passed.
Alternate Fire Dues Payment Method – Corey Corder (name correction from last month) returned to receive necessary paperwork to start using credit/debit cards.  He will be providing us with a machine, which will save us $300.  It will take about two weeks to get everything approved.  It will cost $10 a month, and we will charge 3.5% across the board for those wanting to pay fire dues via credit/debit card.

Radio Upgrade – Four mobile and eight handheld radios will be requested from 911. A total of 15 mobile are needed.  There may be a grant available to purchase 10 mobile and 12 handheld radios.  We should know something by the end of the year.

New Business

Firehouse Sub Grant – application will be made to receive a grant for the purchase of extraction equipment which costs $33,180.  This will be revisited next month.

Christmas Parade – The Blount/Oneonta Chamber advertised the Blount County Christmas Parade for Tuesday, December 7, the same night as ours.  We will keep the date as set, since the first Tuesday of December has been our regular date.  Dolores will contact Jonathan Steinman, HHS band director to let him know that we would like him to lead the parade again this year.  There will be registration available on line and the first 75 will be accepted to participate.  There will be no horses allowed, and no live Santas on any float except for the last fire truck.

End of Year Dinner – The date of Friday, December 10 was set for our year end recognition dinner to allow for the greatest number of firefighters to be available to attend.  Dolores will get in touch with Mark Lancaster, Trustee, Hayden United Methodist, to make arrangements to book the Family Life Center.

Fire Board Nomination – Greg Reid rotates off the board this year.  There may be a possibility that two slots may need to be filled.  The appointment should be made by the County Commission to take effect December 1, 2021.  A decision will definitely need to be made by the next meeting.

West Blount Fire Board of Trustees – October 14, 2021                    page 3

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM on motion by Annette Cox.

Present                Not Present                    
Annette Cox                Billy Giddy
Dolores Fort
Marty Stover
Greg Reid    
JJ Ivey                    
Melissa Thomas            
Diane Cox
Lisa Morgan    
Clay Jones                             
There were no guests    

                                Dolores Fort