Please do not message our Facebook account for billing or payment inquiries. Please contact our billing office regarding these matters.



Visit in person: 757 County Highway 7 Hayden, AL 35079
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We would like to take this time to, hopefully, clear the air regarding liens as a result of delinquent fire dues.

Certified letters are being mailed out to notify those who this action impacts. Liens are being placed on those who are THREE years delinquent. This is in adherence of State Law as a result of the referendum voted on, and passed, by the citizens of the West Blount Fire Districts coverage.

Fire dues are $150.00 per year. The district does NOT bill per incident. Fire dues are the ONLY expenses you will incur from us.

There are many different avenues one may take to ensure that their fire dues are paid every year. These options include; (1) A benevolence request may be filed with the district for those with fixed or low income. (2) The district also allows payment arrangements, this includes those with delinquent accounts.

For information regarding benevolence request, payment arrangements or any other billing matters please contact our billing office. Please do not approach ANY firefighter REGARDING these issues as they are not involved in the billing process, account statuses or finances of the district nor do they have any access to this information. Any information coming from ANYWHERE other than the billing office should be considered misinformation as these sources cannot adequately substantiate the information, or misinformation, that they are providing.

Lastly, the firefighters and those involved in the day to day operations of the department do not know who has paid or who has not paid fire dues. Payment or non-payment will not effect the services that we provide. We will stand by our mission statement to preserve life and property, regardless of your payment status.

For any more information regarding your account, please contact the billing office at (205)647-4566 OR visit the billing office in person at
757 County Highway 7 Hayden, AL 35079.
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Blount County has had higher than normal rainfall. The water levels and river flows are high. Use extreme caution and, if you must be in a river, use correct equipment (whitewater rated craft, flotati...

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More great news from West Blount!

Today we received notice from FEMA informing us that we have been awarded an additional $170,000.00 in grant funding to be used in the purchase of a brand new "mini-pumper" apparatus.

This apparatus will be a HUGE asset in protecting our communities by serving as a multifunctional unit equipped for a wide variety of responses!

We are excited to begin the process of building this apparatus and we can't wait to have it here in West Blount serving you!
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Our new fire apparatus is in production at Pierce Fire Apparatus' Bradenton, FL facility!

This apparatus is being built to our specifications and will be outfitted to better serve you, our community.

Last week, the chassis arrived at their facility and fabrication began on the body. We expect another progress report in another week or two and, by then, the chassis will be prepared for fire service use and the body will have all wiring harnesses and trim installed.
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