2024-02-08 Minutes

Board of Trustees                                February 08, 2024 

The Board of Trustees for West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District met at Fire Station No. 1 on February 8, 2024, the meeting was opened at 6:00 PM by Jamie Huffstutler, Vice Chair, with prayer by Danny Smith.  Marty Stover joined the meeting by phone, so all trustees were present, plus Zac Williams for Chief Ivey, Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, and Christie Moore, Billing Manager.  Warren Stewart signed in as a guest.          

The minutes of the January 11, 2024, meeting were accepted on motion by Danny Smith, seconded by Mark Giddy.  

Financial report – The operating balance for January 2024 was $295,621.98.  Total income was $169,681.96, with dues of $119,474.42.  Total expenses were $53,453.10 with payroll of $33,906.41, repair and maintenance of $5,378.44.       
     The financial report was accepted on motion by Danny Smith, seconded by Mark Giddy.      

Chief’s Report – Total calls for January were 140, including 13 out-of-area (2 – Mt.  High/Ricetown; 5 – Bangor;  1 – Locust Fort/Dallas/Selfville; 3 – Nectar/Cleveland): 77 medical, 6 structure fire, 14 auto accident, 8 fire alarm, 3 vehicle fire, 14 public service, 7 wild fire, 5 fire other, 6 tree down.  Breakdown by station = Sta. 1 Hayden, 68; Sta. 2 Smoke Rise, 64; Sta. 3 Sugar Creek, 5; Sta. 4, Nyota, 3.

The following was also reported:
    Clay has applied for the FEMA grant, which was approved via email
    Tires for engine 1954 have been ordered, expected delivery next month
    Tools for Engine 91 have been purchased from NAPA for $3,195.93 with grant money already received
    Because of the ice storm, chains were purchased
    Received the $44,000+ grant money 
    1991 is currently out of service, in shop with rear differential
The Chief’s report was accepted on motion by Mark Giddy, seconded by Danny Smith.

Items for Discussion

Budget – Tabled until next month.   

Old Business

Billing Update – The attorneys at the end of January had a total of 246 accounts totaling $165,401.50 for collection, with 5 accounts paid in full.  There was a check received from MSN 
(Massey, Stotser, & Nicholas) in the amount of $1,440.84 for January collections with totals of $1,440.84 collected in 2024, and $219,604.39 since first turned over to MSN.   There were 3 new accounts and 5 reactivated accounts added.  There were 25 applications for exemptions approved by the board at the January meeting.  Fire dues received in January was $101,494.42 in checks or cash, $16,855 Credit/Debit card plus $600 assessment fees, $1,050 credit settlement in January but posted in February, $625.17 insurance reimbursement, grant money of $47,242, and $1,815.46 attorney fees paid in the office then sent to the attorneys. Total 

West Blount Fire Board – February 8, 2024                            Page 2

collected for January was $169,681.96 [income from January 2023 was $122,172.76].  There is a balance in the system of $713,576.97, which includes all accounts from the very beginning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
     There were 3568 accounts invoiced with 3 new accounts added and 5 accounts reactivated.  
There are 808 accounts paid in full. At the end of January there are 22% of accounts paid in full.    

     FDAR’s can now be run on both computers at the same time.  Shae Layton set up the system so our managers can be more efficient and productive on days when both of them are in the office.  Also errors in FDAR’s reporting have been rectified, as well as addition of needed changes to the system to make it more effective.  

Third Party Billing – Funds received in January were $625.17. 

Blount Springs – no update  

New Business 

Correspondence – A letter of resignation was received from Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, effective June 30, 2024.  She will work with whomever is her replacement to make the transition as smooth as possible.  She has a fulltime job which is taking up a lot of her time, causing stress for this job because she is not being able to do what she feels she should do; we are growing and there are avenues that need to be investigated that she is unable to do.  This will be taken under advisement and discussed at our next meeting.     

The next Board meeting will be Thursday, March 14, 2024, 6:00 PM at Fire Station No. 1.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 PM on motion by Mark Giddy.

Present               Not Present                 
Dolores Fort            JJ Ivey (conflict)         
Mark Giddy            
Jamie Huffstutler
Danny Smith                        
Marty Stover (by phone)                
Melissa Thomas 
Christie Moore

Guest signed in
Warren Stewart
Dolores Fort