2019-11-14 Minutes

 Board of Trustees                                                               November 14, 2019

West Blount Fire & EMS District


The Board of Trustees for West Blount Fire and Emergency Medical Services District met at Fire Station No. 1 on November 10, 2019, and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Greg Reid, Chair.  Four Trustees were present plus JJ Ivey, Fire Chief, Melissa Thomas, Treasurer, Diane Cox & Lisa Morgan, Billing Managers.   Marty Stover was absent because of work.      


The minutes of the October 10, 2019 meeting were accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Billy Giddy. 


Financial report – The operating balance for October was $304,544.21.  Total receipts were $13,276.16, including dues of $11,848.25.  Total expenses were $89,676.63, including payroll of $26,615.25, insurance of $4,923.25 and new vehicle of $52,315.     


The Financial Report was accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Billy Giddy.


Chief’s Report


Total calls for October were 126 (including 7 out-of-area – Mt. High/Ricetown 1, Nectar 2, Bangor 4): 74 medical, 2 structure fires, 8 auto accidents, 13 fire alarms, 0 vehicle fires, 15 public service, 2 wild fires, 10 fire other, 2 911 hang-up.  Call volume by station was Sta. 1 Hayden - 55, Sta. 2 Smoke Rise - 56, Sta. 3 Sugar Creek - 6, and Sta. 4 Nyota - 2.


Other items reported include:

  • Working on getting tags for all vehicles, titles for some of the vehicles need to be updated
  • Bangor’s new chief, Mitch Dodson, contacted our department, the truck that we gave them several years ago is no long wanted and they would like it removed. Richard Campbell will pick up and check out the viability for service.
  • The First responder cancer bill requires all departments with employed fire fighters to provide the policy for each employee. The cost is $190 per year per person; our department will possibly have five employees eligible for this policy.
  • Grants for the 2020 open December 2, a request was made to allow for application for a grant to cover wet rescue engine which can carry water and equipment, and hoses and nozzles. The match will possibly be $13,000 plus the cost of the grant writer, JMCM.  Dolores Fort moved, seconded by Annette Cox, to proceed with the application process.  Motion carried.
  • Painting the new (to us) rescue truck red, caused an over-budget expense of $7,000. Annette Cox moved, Billy Giddy seconded, to pay the over-budget amount.  Motion passed.


The Chief’s report was accepted on motion by Annette Cox, seconded by Billy Giddy.


Old Business


Christmas Parade -  Representatives from West Blount Chamber and the Town of Hayden were present to discuss plans for the parade.  Six banners have been ordered for advertising.  The biggest area of where help is needed is with the lineup of all the floats¸ which begins at the driveway going behind the Primary school.  Three lines are started at the entrance going to Bent Tree.  The parade will be led off by Chief James Chapman followed by the Pride of Hayden

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Band.  Barricades have been acquired to close off streets entering 160, and there are double the number of light towers from last year.  The fishing team will be contacted to assist with the dismissal and cleanup at the end of the parade.


Billing Update – At the end of October there were 36 total CLA’s (conditional lien agreements) on file, four were paid in full and one was added.  The attorneys have a total of 285 accounts, 14 with payment plans, 170 accounts have liens.  We received a check from MSN (Massey, Stotser, & Nicholas)  for $1,627.99, making total collected from MSN of $40,230.89.  Four new accounts were added in October.  There was one exemption approved in October, making total exemptions for the year 116.  One exemption denied in October, making a total of 7 denied for the year.  Fire dues received for October 2019 was $11,848.25 and $300 Assessment fees plus a $1,082.50 other, totaling $13,230.75 (2018 total at the same time was $23,921.59).  There are 767 accounts in the system totaling $262,694.49, which includes all outstanding dues from the beginning. There are 3,659 total accounts in the system.


The billing office will be closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.


Year End Dinner – Email invitations have been sent for the dinner on December 6.  The menu request has been taken to Phil’s Grill with plans to prepare for 100.  Recognition for the fire fighters and staff will be the same as last year. 


Board Nominee –  The County Commission has reappointed Marty Stover to serve a five-year term ending November 30, 2024.


Fund Raiser – The suggestion made to have a BBQ contest, held sometime in 2020, to raise money for a specific charity was tabled until the next meeting on January 9, 2020.


New Business


The auxillary account which was established from Insurance reimbursements for accidents covered by our department will be zeroed out.  It currently has $1,062.50.     




The next meeting will be January 9, 2020, 7:00 PM at Fire Station 1.


The meeting was adjourned on motion by Annette Cox at 8:30 PM.


Present                                                                     Not Present                                         

Annette Cox            JJ Ivey                                       Marty Stover

Dolores Fort            Melissa Thomas                         

Billy Giddy              Diane Cox

Greg Reid               Lisa Morgan


Eight guests signed attendance                      


Submitted by                                                                       Dolores Fort, Secretary